Let Your Inner Child be Curious & Find Ways To Play With The Energy
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2 hour Violet Flame Interactive Class St Germain Energy On line Saturday Feb 13th 2021 8am PST

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Violet Flame St Germaine Energy and working with the Colour Mirrors Spritzers

We will learn more about the Violet Flame and how to work with this energy.
Learn the many benefits of working with the Violet Flame.
Learn about and experience our 3 newest Colour Mirrors Bottles
Violet Flame Spritzer, plus Dual bath and Melchezideck bottle which is the overlighting energy over all the bottles in the Colour Mirror's System,

Experience the EFT Tapping with the Violet Flame
and the Violet Flame Singing Bowl

Find out how Numerology ties in to the Violet Flame
and the Colour Mirrors

I will do sample readings with the colour mirrors bottles

Are you in?

Next Classes TBD or if you have a small group up to 4, contact me to schedule a FB or in person class  I am available during days, evenings, or weekends for this class.

Online FB Messenger Group on Feb 13th Sat. 8am - 10aM PST
In PERSON LOCATION - Beautiful, waterfront location in Discovery Bay
Once you have registered I will send you the address.

COST - $44.00
CLASS - Limited to 4 participants

Add to your Spiritual Tool Box with power of the Violet flame and the support of the beautiful colours and essences in the Colour Mirrors system.