Let Your Inner Child be Curious & Find Ways To Play With The Energy

Explore Your Inner Child A Unique 5 Week Worshop Coming Soon

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        Explore Your Inner Child

A Unique 5-week workshop

We will take a deep drive into self-exploration utilizing  the Colour Mirrors Healing System to explore your Inner Child while embracing other healing modalities:

Essences,Sacred Geometry, Numerology,
           Astrology and EFT Tapping

5 consecutive weeks, 2 hours each session

Total = 10 hours plus a personal integration follow up session

Cost $275

Location: Discovery Bay, CA

Held in a beautiful private residence on the water

Registration: DebrasEnergyPoints.com

Seating is limited 5 – Please register in advance

Times: Available Days, Evenings or Weekends beginning in March 2020

Every __TBD___ for 2 hours for 5 consecutive weeks either Days, Evenings or Weekends

Refreshments are provided

Attendees that sign up for my workshops are welcomed into my home to relax and enjoy a tranquil setting on the water.  I am told it is a perfect backdrop for conducting healing workshops. 

We will gather in a unique sacred space I call my “sanctuary room”, a place where you can lighten-up and put things behind you for awhile.  You will be surrounded by a magical rainbow wall of colored bottles known as the Colour Mirrors Healing System, along with magical crystals, salt lamps and more.   

Come join me for a cup of tea before the workshop starts.  Let’s make new friends, mingle with like-minded people and strike up conversations with the other participants before we journey into the Inner Child Course. This has been my passion for over 30 years.